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Do you plan to invest in China or do you have a scam, breach of
contract, proceedings, problems, etc.

We advise on how to import from China safely, we help prevent scams, investment advice, suggestion during import, resolution of contractual disputes, etc.

* cost subject per case

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"The most effective way to
to avoid scam is to prevent "

Doc. Yan Tian
Comchi International Business Legal Advisor
Vice President of ABST (Shipai Town Bar Association)
Director of the International Trade Area, RuiXuan Study


We are a Colombian construction company .

Due to the needs of construction projects, we need to import second-hand heavy machinery from China. Through the Alíbaba page, we were able to find a large number of second-hand machinery suppliers.
Seeing the perfect photos of the machinery and the attractive prices on the website, we were eager to import these machinery to Colombia!

Before confirming the order, we hired Cómchi to verify the
reliability of the suppliers and the true state of the machinery on our behalf. After inspection, we are surprised to learn that these second-hand machines are in very bad shape! , which is completely different from the photos! and the price is not the same as the initial quote provided by the supplier.

Cómchi saved us from this great loss!

Image by Omar Lopez

Teresa Santos
Bogota Colombia

Image by Omar Lopez

Javier Gomez
Mexico City, Mexico

We are dedicated in the sale of electronic products in Mexico. We send to manufacture headphones with our own brands in China.

Through an
electronic contract we establish exclusivity with the Chinese manufacturer for the headphone models we manufacture. The sale of these models is not allowed  to other companies without our authorization. 

Months after our launch for sale, we found the surprise of the commercialization of our headphone models in the brand of our competition.
  The manufacturer breached the contract by selling to other companies!

We contacted the factory repeatedly! But the factory gave the reason that the
electronic contract has no legal effect in China, and rejected our request.

At the time of greatest need, with the help of the team of Cómchi lawyers who fought for our interest and achieved the best result for our company.

If we hire Cómchi as our purchasing representative in China from the beginning, I am sure that our brand will not be affected.

I import household products from China to sell in Argentina.

We buy
household products from a Chinese supplier. The first and second purchases were very smooth and successful. I decided to increase the investment in the third purchase. 

After I made the final payment to the supplier,
I did not receive any shipping notification , also could not contact the supplier, communication was completely lost!

At the moment of torture and worry !, Cómchi contacted me,
  I handed over all the transaction records and necessary information to the Cómchi team, and finally we found the supplier with bankruptcy , all due to mismanagement of their business.

After the perseverance of the Cómchi team for a year, they helped me to recover part of the loss.

Image by Daniela Dávila

Melissa vargas
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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