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"My name is Jackson, I am a Chinese citizen who has lived in Latin America for 22 years.

I will use my years of experience to demonstrate that buying from China is an easy and safe process, seeking to get our customers to experience the true advantages of the Chinese product. "  - Jackson Z.

See COMCHI's full story.

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Comchi brand story.

Comchi brand story.

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COMCHI founded in 2009, 13 years  helping businessmen, entrepreneurs to improve their competitive advantages, get better options to import from China.  

COMCHI  works on a large scale, offering a complete import service from China, but always designed for a purely business environment. We are a company at the service of companies that offers comprehensive import management services, simplifying international purchasing operations, considerably reducing the steps to follow and making importing products from China to the destination a much simpler commercial transaction.


COMCHI is one of the most experienced companies to import from China. One of its tasks is to reduce the bureaucratic burden of the client,  through our professional team,  to be in charge of processing all the necessary documentation. Its role is designed to lighten the entire process and import products from China to the destination in a much more agile way, coordinating the shipment and presentation of documents and requests in a timely manner.

Thus, COMCHI actually acts as an outsourced purchasing department, taking charge not only of locating the best manufacturers in China for the selected product, but also coordinating sample shipments, tracking deadlines, and ensuring that they are received. quality reports of the merchandise with their corresponding labels and approvals, so that manufacturing in China has the expected results.

Quienes Somos?

Jackson Zhao


Our mission 

Through our services, companies have within reach of an international trade department focused and specialized in China.

This department can manage your purchases in China and ensure that each of the stages will be carried out safely and efficiently.

Take advantage of the true advantage of importing from China, this process should be easy and straightforward.

Our vision 

To be a leader in the market for import and export services between China and America, through service provided to each client, which allows us to constantly improve our quality of service.

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