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Now we can take care of all the processes and formalities of your import from China. Efficient management of each stage of an import is closer than ever.

from 3.0 % of Purchase amount

All included 

What is it?

Comprehensive Purchase Agency Service

Comchi puede proporcionar Servicio Integral de Agenciamineto
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Integral service 

purchase agency


​Search of suppliers

Under the client's request, according to the specification and technical data sheet sent, COMCHI researchers look for and verify the suppliers that supply your product, complying with their requirement.

They will carefully select the supplier in relation to your buyer profile, adapting to your purchase quantities and required quality.

COMCHI can organize a provider search in less than 48 hours.


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Quotation and proformas

COMCHI researchers, through different means, locate dozens of suppliers, selecting the best ones to request a quote.

Comchi can get a quote meeting your profile in 48 hours.


Sample management

Before defining any order, it is good to know physically the product you are buying.

Comchi we order samples from different suppliers, always requesting 2 sets of samples, one for the client and the other will remain in China for subsequent quality control.

All samples will be combined to make a single shipment, saving you time and money.

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Representation, negotiation and contract

Comchi, through a single representation contract in China, will represent the client for negotiations against any supplier, manufacturer or public entities in China. 

To ensure the purchase or production meets what is expected, Comchi will sign a purchase and sale contract with all suppliers, which allows us to control future inconveniences.

Customs Verification of

Comchi We check the certification of your merchandise in customs before you make the first payment to the supplier, in this way, we ensure the import from the first moment.

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Image by Eduardo Soares

Organization of order and payment

Comchi will organize the order with the supplier and the approved sample, making clear and detailed the points in mind for production, defining the time and delivery conditions. 

We process the order and structure all the documentation to streamline the import process. In addition, we will also take care of the management of payments to the provider.

Control during production

Comchi is randomly supervised between 10 and 60% of its product is manufactured and packed for export. It is part of your quality assurance program and allows you to implement the necessary corrective actions at an early stage.

Comchi inspectors perform a physical inspection of the merchandise with a randomly selected sample of manufactured products, and using the sampling procedure.

Image by Bernd Dittrich

This inspection is carried out at the end of the production process, when between 80 and 100% of the goods have been manufactured and packed for export.

Comchi inspectors will perform a physical inspection of the goods on a randomly selected sample using the sampling procedure.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

We organize the logistics of our clients' purchases to our warehouses located in the main Chinese ports. Later, we bundle all the goods and ship them to our customer's address.

Consolidating or grouping merchandise is a total advantage in logistics savings, maximizing each space in each container, achieving the objective of making the most of each trip.

Consolidation and Grouping of

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Image by Nadine Primeau

With Comchi's photographic and videographic studio, we can make filming and photography of your product in a professional way.  

An advanced option for the PRE SALE of your product, before the merchandise arrives at its destination, which usually takes weeks.

* Design, photographic or videographic cost is not included in the comprehensive package, contact us for more information

​Design Plus +

We calculate the volume of your merchandise, and in a matter of hours you have an approximate quote of the logistics cost of transporting your products.  

We take care of coordinating and organizing all customs procedures at the origin, and we provide support for the customs agent in the procedures at the destination.

Logistics Management and Customs Procedures of origin and destination

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Busqueda de Proveedores
Cotización y Proformas
Gestíon de Muestras
Represenacion Negociacion y Contrato
Comprobacion Aduaera
Organizacion de Pedido y Pago
Control durante la produccion
Inspeccion previa al embarque
Conolidacion y Agrupacion
Diseño Plus
Gestion Logistica y Tramites


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